Reaching across church walls to reach our neighbors.

For many years, the walls of distrust and division have kept the church from being the church

Churches in Action

Iglesias en Acción

Neighborhood Programs such as neighborhood watches, rehabilitation houses to name just a few are needed in every corner of the world.  Churches In Action works in those corners of the world to help educate people, support and/or lead those programs.

Our Ecudorian Chapter is currently leading a safety and security Neighborhood Watch as well as working to help support a Drug Rehabilitation House to make one corner of the world a safer place.

Our Los Angeles Chapter holds regular meetings with the Los Angeles Police Department, as well as the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department to address citizen concerns and work toward a safer place for all people to live and work.

Our Los Angeles Chapter in partnership with our Guatemalan Chapter procured a fire truck to help a Guatemalan town in need of fire protection.