Reaching across church walls to reach our neighbors.

For many years, the walls of distrust and division have kept the church from being the church

Churches in Action

Iglesias en Acción

One Little fact from the symposium!!!

Don’t keep an old refrigerator around, get rid of it to save electricity

Organizations there who shared some of the wonderful things they are doing.

Stephanie Green – Exec Office of California Public Utilities Commission – Energy Upgrade California Project

Ben Allen – California State Senator 26th Senate District

Jonathan Parfrey – Climate Resolve

Michael Kadish – Grid Alternative (free solar if you qualify, and youth programs)

Ian McKewen – Loyala Marymount University Green Initiative and CURes (Center for Urban Resilience)

Doug Vincent – Rolling Start Disabilities support

Bishop Juan Carlos Mendez and other Churches In Action staff attended a recent symposium sponsored by Energy Upgrade California Los Angeles Center for Innovation - LACI