Clean drinkable and usable water in the US remains a primary focus of Churches In Action as does the many other issues facing Americans and others today!!!

The urgent more pressing needs of the moment surrounding The recent Fuego Volcanic eruption in Guatemala has called Bishop Juan Carlos Mendez there to help first responders, churches who are providing food and shelter, and individuals in the aftermath of the disaster.

Just a few days ago, Churches in Action provided $4,200.00 for new tires for a fire truck whose tires were ruined while driving over the extremely heated ground.

Imagine the additional devastation the citizens of Guatemala could experience if their local fire truck could not respond to a fire, or as a vehicle for first responders because of ruined tires.

The things we take for granted here in the USA often mean the difference between life and death in other countries...

Churches In Action is also engaging local individuals who have the tools and ability to help build coffins for those who lost their lives to Fuego.  The loss of life is devastating!  One woman lost 18 members of her family, imagine the emotional upheaval, and then add to it the need to procure coffins for those treasured lost family members.

Would you like to, can you, will you make a donation today to help Churches In Action continue to help the local churches providing shelter and food, the first responders, and individuals in need?  Just a few seconds of your time can mean the difference to so many.  Every dollar given goes to the groups we have mentioned above.

Just a few clicks on donate today is all it takes!!!

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