Reaching across church walls to reach our neighbors.

For many years, the walls of distrust and division have kept the church from being the church

Churches in Action

Iglesias en Acción

Over the past decades Bishop Juan Carlos Mendez has been able to serve almost 30,000 young people by providing them with backpacks loaded with school supplies, book bags and other needed supplies!

He has been able to to achieve this through our partnerships with the Los Angeles Unified School District, in Guatemala, El Salvador , Honduras, and Mexico & YOU. Together, this year, we will reach another 5,000 more!

Pastor JUAN CARLOS MENDEZ was the catalyst of a donation of many back packs to low-income children so they can finish their studies and have a better future 

The Back Packs start out here, but change the lives of students locally and in other countries.

Donacion de Mochilas

Back Pack Give Away.